Flag of Soviet Canuckistan
20071211 -stacy

Welcome to Soviet Canuckistan.

My personal corner of the Internet. I wanted a place to post my rambling thoughts that was separate from my professional life. This is not a blog in that the term blog implies that there will be somewhat frequent and regular updates. I make no such promise. Updates will happen when I feel I have something new to say. That generally means when something has motivated me sufficiently to cause me to take the time to write about it (that is the polite way of saying that something has me pissed off enough to want to rant). I will try to post things other than just rants, but again, I'm not making any promises...

Another feature that distinguishes this site from a blog is the comments feature; this site doesn't have one. The main reason is that I don't want the links to llama pr0n and other spam content that usually ends up in the comments. If you really, really want to comment on something I said, get your own web page and have at 'er!